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  Contact Information:
Box 110 Margaree Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada B0E 2C0
North American Toll Free: 1-800-565-9463
Telephone: 1 (902) 248-2987
Fax: 1 (902)-248-2600
Canada's country code is: 1



The Normaway Inn Dining Experience
The Normaway is noted for serving wonderful country gourmet meals in a bright and open dining room in full view of gardens, fields, and the surrounding hills. Savour some of nature's delights at breakfast and at dinner. Let us make you a picnic lunch for your day of exploring. Look forward to our special "porridge bread" and oatcakes, tasty soups and chowders, Atlantic salmon and scallops, Cape Breton lamb, and more. Leave room for our delicious desserts. The dinner menu changes daily to provide interest for your extended stay. Our wine list is carefully selected to complement our fine food.


The Normaway Inn Breakfast Menu
Our breakfast is a little old fashioned and a delightful taste of the Normaway.
It takes time to enjoy and will do you well into the day.
Bon Appetit.


Full Breakfast (includes one choice from each category) $12.50
Buffet including coffee (everything except the Grill) $10.50

A La Carte As Shown
BEVERAGES - a la carte $I.75 Freshly Ground Coffee, Hot Tea, Orange, Grapefruit or Apple Juice, Cranberry Cocktail, Milk
FRUIT - a la carte $2.50
Garden Fresh Rhubarb served with cream, milk, or plain
Bananas sliced and served with cream, milk, or plain Fruit
Yogurt, Cantaloupe, Stewed Prunes
CEREALS & GRAINS -a la carte $2.50
Normaway Granola (Our Chefs Secret) - Home made and the
best we know with raisins, almonds, pecans & oatmeal
Oatmeal Porridge
- prepared the old fashioned way; hearty but creamy Scottish Oatcakes - served with homemade preserves
Toast - made with the Normaway's own porridge bread

GRILL - a la carte $8.00

French Toast - A Normaway specialty made with our own porridge bread,
baked fresh daily, and dipped in our special oat mixture.

Pancakes - Thin, homemade pancakes served with your choice of available fruit
we suggest Normaway's own fresh blueberries) and served with butter & syrup Eggs - Farm fresh eggs done any way you like them, served with toast.

Above items are served with your choice of bacon, ham or sausage .

Eggs Hughie D - A local creation. One poached egg on toasted Normaway porridge bread, Canadian back bacon, topped with light tomato sauce and cheddar cheese, broiled to perfection & served with fresh fruit.


Normaway's French Toast

  Normaway's own Eggs Hughie D

Dining Room

A la Carte (items priced and ordered separately) - Eat whatever you wish from our table d'hôte menu (menu of the day with choice) or our casual a la carte menu for supper and breakfast. Pay only for what you order and at very reasonable prices.

Modified American Plan: Includes full dinner and breakfast from our table d'hôte menu.
The best way to enjoy the Normaway to the fullest.

Receive $10.00 discount on room rate if on MAP plan.
Children under 7 eat free off childrens menu, 7 to 15 at half price if on MAP plan.

Modified American Plan
  Three course country gourmet supper   $40. per person per day
  Four course country gourmet supper   $45. per person per day
Five course country gourmet supper
  $50. per person per day
Our dining room features a changing daily menu, with five courses offered and a la carte available. We are open for breakfast from 7:30 am to 9:30 am and from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm for supper from June 22nd to October 20th. We open at 5:30pm on Barn nights to allow time for the meal before enjoying your evening of entertainment.

From May 1st till June 21st. breakfast is normally continental at 8:00 am and supper at 7:30 pm by arrangement only. After Oct. 21st please inquire.

We staff and prepare food according to reservations and to insure quality, we guarantee meals only for those who provide advance notice. Our table d'hote menu changes daily and we prepare according to reservations. Our casual a'la carte menu is more able to accommodate last minute bookings. We have 29 rooms and only twelve tables in the main dining room and to ensure guests are able to dine at their chosen time reservations are highly recommended.



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Dining Music Location Rates

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